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Glorious Trophy Contest! - Submissions Thread

Page 1 of 4Next is already celebrating its 5th birthday! We would like to thank all users for your activity and support. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a contest with special prizes. Don't miss this opportunity and have fun with us celebrating this anniversary!

What should you do to win one of these prizes? It's simple! Prove your boss battle by showing off your trophy!

Your task will be to create an unique trophy of the boss of your choice, using any technique and show us the final result!


Please place yours submissions on this thread. Please read detailed rules before posting!



I will edit every submission and at the end I will write Valid or Invalid (and why). Post should be valid and lastly edited by me. If it is edited by contestant again, it need to be checked again and validated again.


heres my submission for Glorious Trophy Contest Contest.


Battlemaster Zunzu trophy!


my character:

Eam the Dragon



i used clip studio paint Ex to paint this and its made from scratch.

Idea was a simple wall trophy after you won the battle.


i probably work on another one thats a bit more abstract before this ends just cause its pretty fun!


Wip 1wip 2wip 3finished trophy



The contest is about creating a trophy, not a drawing of a trophy or designing a concept. Your submission must be an item made in real life.

Hi :D. My trophy is to get a Yeti Crystal Heart, the fact that in Tibia I have never met a Yeti but apparently in real life I'm more fortunatr  to meet bosses 😛

Name Trophy: Yeti Crystal Heart

Character name: Veroodie

World: Damora

I used some different papers, paints and CDs to create the trophy. I post some photos of my work...




Hi everyone! This is my submission for the Glorious Trophy Contest!

I have always wondered why the Man in The Cave drops a hat, which clearly he is not wearing. So I thought it may be interesting to create a drop for him that we can actually se him wear, and that is his backpack!

Name of the boss: Man in The Cave.

World: Luminera

Nick: Elieu

Here I felt like something was missing so I decided to put some side-pockets on it. And it looks great!

And here is the final result!

I also thought of a cool description for the backpack!

"You see an explorer backpack (Vol:8)

It weights 36.00 oz.

It is full of scouting gear, there is not much space left."

Thank you! I hope you like it!




First of all, thank you so much for organizing such a great contest! My first submission is Ratmiral Blackwhiskers Hook. I chopped down his hook after defeating him by using a magic longsword which I always carry with me as a mage. This is my very special trophy.

I used polymer clay in 4 different colors to form and shape the hook. Also, I used different tools, see the pictures below. I also made a cheesy membercard 🙂

Here is a collage with the creation process and the final picture:

Here you can see a picture on beachy background:

Here a little bit enlarged:

I know that pictures may not edited in any way, I am also not sure if I am allowed to upload this picture but I will remove it, if it's not allowed to use a virtual background:

I hope you like it! Please let me know, if I shall delete the last picture.

My character name: Favarona. And I play on Harmonia.

Good luck to all participants!

Yours, Favarona <3



This was a fun one! 🙂

My idea was to create the "essence of the ocean" obtained by slaying the legendary Leviathan! Who knows what effects it might have on human beings if one was to drink it?

Trophy Name: Essence of the sea

Boss: Leviathan

Character name: Achiru Avenger

World: Bona


(I used glowing lights so I'm uploading 4 variants of the final picture taken in the dark)


(taken with flash to show the name clearly)





Bloody Bag of a Vampire Butcher

Encountering a vampire lord is an exciting moment for every bosshunter. Imagine looting 100 vampire lord tokens... a moment we can only dream of... And sure deserves a trophy!

I first thought of crafting an vampire doll, but then I came up with this more original idea of my own. A big bag of tokens 🙂

Thank you for this contest! I really enjoy making this and watching all these other creations.
This is my submission! Enjoy!

Fernando Savater


Loves Vampire Lords



I made the bag out of a 'hamster exercise ball', painted black and covered it with a piece of burlap. The burlap I sprayed gently with copper colour.


Then I painted the coins red, even some €0,50 coins (let's hope it was a good investment...)


I felt like the trophy needed some extra detail so I created the 100 out of cardboard. And painted it ofcourse. I like that the bright red turns out very decorative against the black colour of the plateau.


I like this photo more than my official submission... but it does not have the label and is editted. Tho I did want to share this with you guys 🙂




Hello, I decided to use a cultural technique from my country (Chile) called clay crafts used by ancient tribes, after several days of drying and lacquering and painting, my artifact is ready.
I always liked ankrahmun and his pharaohs :).

Name of the boss: Ashmunrah

Item name : You see Ashmunrah Ancient Artifact It weighs 7.70 oz.

Nick : Antraax Ragnarsson

World: Dibra

good luck and great imagination for the other participants !




Hello :D, this is the second time i try to create something about the game in the real life, i hope you like!

My inspiration to make this trophy is the boss i fear the most, that one that can hits a lot with his spell "Death and Doom", his name is Gaz'Haragoth.

I call this as: Gaz'Haragoth's Head. In this item, i made Gaz's heads, and some part of his spine.

I'm Brighid Grand Explorateur, i play on the server of Gentebra, and obviously i love roshamuul and its bosses.

Well, photos of the progress (4):

And now, the Final Photos, showing the Gaz'Haragoth's Head.

I hope you like this trophy 😀 Thanks.



Hello everyone, this is my first time in a Tibia competition. Thought I would give it a try.
I play on Celesta and is also known as: Groommaash

I have choosen the rare boss: Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.
It feels like his part of the game is not fullfilled yet due to his none valuable loot. I mean his toe must atleast have some value! But what do I know he might not drop it every time.

You see a silvertoe necklace. This mighty toe once belonged to the Smuggler Baron. It has a rich odour.
It weighs 6.8 oz.

It took quite some time to make this valuable item. My wife was ready with bandages when i was going to cut of the molding from my toe.



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