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Final Judgment - is it possible to loot it before defeating King Zelos?

Hello everyone.

Have any of you ever dropped or seen someone drop the final judgment without killing the king zelos? So far, all the people I've seen dropping the item had killed the final boss, the final judgment is extremely rare in worlds where few players killed the King Zelos.

Can the final judgment only be dropped after killing the final boss? Recalling that in the same update there was also the launch of the Killmaresh quest, in this quest the drop of bosses changes with the progress of the quest, for example the drop of parts of the Griffin mount from the Urmahlullu.


Thats a cool theory and i would like to know that too also the guys i know that looted the final did the king zelos first too but meaby is a coincidence

At first I also thought it might be a coincidence, but I have already met more than 10 players who dropped the final judgment and everyone had killed King Zelos first.

So far I haven't been able to find a single player who dropped the final judgment without killing the last boss.

Another point is that in Assombra, which was released 1 year and 6 months ago, there was only 1 drop of final judgment so far and it was a player who had killed King Zelos. In Assombra few players killed King Zelos and those who did not usually kill mini bosses. But several players who never killed King Zelos kill mini bosses daily without ever dropping.

Everything sounds indeed interesting, but chance to get Final Judgement from mini bosses is really low, while killing King Zelos seems to be easy. I mean that usually there's not a lot of people who farm these mini bosses without killing the main boss. In practice it looks like: players make mini bosses and later during the same day they find a team and defeat King Zelos. Chance, that they drop Final Judgement, even if it's possible, is so small, that I'm afraid that it may be really hard to proof anything 🙁

Just updating. A friend kills Grave Danger mini bosses daily for about 1 year without ever dropping the final judgment (he had never killed King Zelos). He recently killed King Zelos and about 10 days later he dropped the final judgment. Honestly, it seems like a lot of coincidence to me. I still can't find a player who managed to drop the final judgment without killing the King Zelos © 2022. All rights reserved.
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