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Elder Shinigami [Bona] LT♥

Greetings to all,

Thanks to my friend and colleague Nea Sir, I have decided to share with all the readers of this forum
my story in this game so ... How to rate it? I think I could not qualify it in a single way since, like many
surely you know, it offers from entertainment, laughter, crying and even making new friends.
Shortly, I will be publishing the development of my character since I decided to play Tibia again, back in March 2019.

A hug to all and see you in Tibia!



- Elder Shinigami.

Ooo! The more screenshots to view, the better <excited>! 🙂

It all started on March 3, 2019, tired of playing Counter-Strike, it came to my mind:
- "Wow, could I look at playing Tibia again?"

After asking myself that question, my mind began to fill with more and more questions...
- "Has something changed?"
- "Will I remember to play a game that I have not played for more than 5 years?..."

Each one made my desire to want to download it and see it again increase.
That is how I downloaded the I play again, I got my old account back, I acquired a one-month premium and I connected...
To my amazement, that game that I remembered had changed a lot. There were many menus, personalized hotkeys...
I got down to work and create a new character, whose story I want to share with you so far:

Enjoy =)

- "Oh my poor Rookgaard... what have they done to you?"

- "Welcome back to Mainland Elder Shinigami"

- "Elder Shinigami: Cipsoft, please make the druids mana rise faster..."

- "My first complete Outfit, what an illusion!"

Definitely, Tibia had absorbed me again in its world...
In future publications we will see more development of a Druid that will demonstrate its healing power to everyone.

Best Regards,
Elder Shinigami.

More! : D

Greetings to all,

Continuing with this mysterious story, we will advance a little more in time, reaching the three level numbers and also getting to experience my first event of Double Experience!...


Enjoy =)!

"Bonebeast... Incredibly strong creatures at low level..."

"Do you want some beer?"

"First Arena!"

"And second, of course =D!"

"The Old Widow... Never forget you!"

"And we reached the first Double Experience ... As of 2021, we all used the fabulous 8-hour exercise weapons/rods... But do you remember the ones that lasted 16 minutes?... What a toothache for God. Thanks to my old friend Roy Shon, who left me his private Dummy to give the character a little boost!""

At this point, a question flooded my mind: "My tallest character I've ever had is 148, am I trying to get over it?

I saw that every time I reached my marked goal, I automatically marked a new one, generating a challenge to continue developing a druid that, in the future, would become a powerful fighter. Friends, see you in a next installment!


Best Regards,
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