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Do spawns/other creatures disappear if the boss disappear?

Some bosses appear with other creatures, my question is if the boss disappear, those other creatures also disappear?

Ex: Dharalion appears with Elf Arcanists, if Dharalion disappears, those Elf Arcanists disappear?

Hope we will find a person who can define how it works by his own experience.

All I can add in this topic is that:

  • Frost Spiders and Frost Servants will stay till server safe even if Zushuka is already defeated.
  • I often meet War Wolves among the Edron woods while there is no boss. We could assume, that somebody killed the boss and simply left rest of the monsters, but I had many situations, when in statistics there was no The Big Bad One killed last day. It means that the boss dissapeared and War Wolves stayed.

When it comes to Dharalion, the overresp stays after killing the boss. I've seen it several times.

Same case with man in the cave, Monks have rope me even with no boss alive.

I meet Furiosa second time in this month
and demons in cave disappear in this same monemt when she

i try to clear way in 22:45, i saw her  and she puff with demons :O © 2020. All rights reserved.
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