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Do it like a Bosst [Gladera]

Do it like a Bosst.


Hi! I am Bosst, formerly known as Church Master. Started in 2005 on Trimera, so my char is 12 yr old now. Nowadays I'm playing mostly on Nerana. I'm not going to introduce myself much, as you can read about me in the "About us" section of the site. Anyway, I had a very long lifethread on tibiopedia (,Williams-presents-Nerana-i-inne,12), but since I am in the Tibiabosses team, I feel like this is my home now and my thread should be here.

What can you expect?

  • bosses, bosses and even more bosses,
  • some loots, but not as much as bosses,
  • good/interesting market trades,
  • random stuff.

I also have lots of screens from years 2005-2009 which I already posted on tibiopedia, but if there is any interest, I can show them here too.

3 notes:

  • I check bosses on many servers: Nerana, Thera, Astera, Magera, Guardia, Amera, Zeluna, Fidera, Antica and more,
  • I'm semi-retired, so the thread will be updated irregulary,
  • small, white or black number with a hashtag in a corner of my screens indicates how many specific bosses I have killed.

Ok, enough talking, let's start with screens already.


This is my main char (skills without eq) and my villa in Greenshore:


And my ms, other chars are below lvl 60:


These are bosses here that I've killed since my last post on tibiopedia (15th january).





My first can of oil, about 15-20 killed:

Some good trades:


And some draken hunts. Note that the supplies are not counted here. There was about 100-200k profit each hunt.


Continuation of my project "Froggie" which I started long ago. The goal is to loot the stuffed toad. I usually update it when I get a few hundred kills to add.


See you next time. ?


Im glad to see the community is growing!!! and Im happy to see I have so much to learn from you guys, your thread are an inspiration to myself to keep pursuiting my dream of being a good boss hunter!! Please keep it going, I'll be waiting for more updates and already subscribed to your topic!

Good luck in finding them!

Thank you Icky!

It's been a long time since my last post, but I simply didn't have enough screenshots to make a proper update.

Let's keep it going then.

This is something which really makes me proud - Countess Sorrow with 2x loot. Fresh, killed yesterday. Also salutations to Druid Undying, who missed the boss by just 10 minutes. Good luck next time bro!

Orc killed during 2x loot on Thera. Apparently it's loot is not doubled. :/

3 ocyakaos, 1 killed on Guardia and 2 on Astera

Smuggler Baron Silvertoe on Zeluna. Unfortunately, he disappeared while I was making screenshots.

Fernfang on Bellona, killed some months ago during 2x weekend.

And another one, Astera

Some vamp lords, Nerana

Some minor bosses. Munster with 2x loot.

3 lighthouse raids.

Some cavebears:

Those 4 below were killed during the 2x loot weekend:

3 tokens in 30 min:

Crappy loot, but managed to kill it in less than 3 minutes, thanks to skullfrost. 😀

Some funny trades:

Loot combo on drakens (not 2x loot weekend):

War golems hunt during 2x loot and with 40% loot prey. Not very spectacular, still no luck with tin key. I've killed something like 20k golems and still haven't looted it.

Loot from task bosses during 2x loot. Epic fail except 1 ethershreck with loot worth about 110k.

Awesome! Don't make us waiting that long next time! 😀


Thanks a lot. ?

I wish I could post more often, but constant lack of time and other duties make me pretty much unable to play regulary.

Anyway, here is what I have for you as for now. Not much, but still better than nothing. 😉



2 Welters. I won both, no luck though.

My first killed Gaz'Haragoth. I did like 60k damage with fire bombs and avalanches.

The first Mahatheb killed on Nerana.

2 on Nerana and 1 on Antica.

Some minor bosses.



Nice Horadron loot (2x loot event). I also had a silver prison key in one of those unrealized dreams.



After 13 years of playing, I've looted my first mpa 😀



1st dragon event loot summary.


Some luck while getting charm points.


And another nice loot.


I've also unlocked my first charm - wound. I've tested it on oramond sea serpents and it works great so far. 🙂

It's been a long time since I posted antything, but well, I don't play actively and that's unfortunately not gonna change anytime soon.
I have, however some unpublished screenshots which are approx. 1-1.5 year old. It's high time to show them I guess 🙂


Never looted anything good from her. Freaking witch doesn't like me.

2nd met and 1st killed Foreman. Also caught some interesting sounds of him, which are not published on any fansite.


This is something I am very proud of. There were random people from Antica offering me hundreds of kk for it, but declined all of it. Honour is not for sale.

Spent 520k on unrealized dreams, turned out to be a nice profit (key got sold for 200k or so):

The best present from Santa I have ever got:

Golden fir cones making. About 400 k profit:

Some funny trades:

Best loots from Percht Queen:

See you next year 😀

Okay, so it's next year already. I've returned and changed server cause Bona was boring as hell. I've returned to my roots - NA server (Gladera). No noob dominando guilds, respectful and friendly people, damn it's even better than I expected. ?

Overall I played more on NA servers than EU, so this is a good change.

I transfered along with my rl brother (highest lvl known pure melee paladin in Tibia), cheers bro!


New server - new motivation to check bosses seriously.

2 shlorgs in a row:

Did I mention that she hates me?

This mic is from Bona:

Decided to sell all my tokens (27 cause I used to sell them in the past too). Achievement hunting is boring and I don't like when money lays around in the house. So if anyone wants to buy them - I'm open to nice offers.


2 guys already waiting for boss? No prob.

Bona once again:

Misc funny stuff:

I killed Ravager and Maxxen, as I've never had a chance to do so, was fun and also got 2 nice achievements + unlocked 2 nice hunting spots.

I've hunted war golems since they were added so more than 10 years already. I've killed about 20000 (or maybe more?) and never looted tin key. I took my brother to hunt some golems duo for the 1st time and ofc:

I'm a freaking gambler so I couldn't resist to include some opening to this post ?

Paid 200k:




I don't really care about charms, but unlocked my 2nd one (wound was the 1st):

Some nice trading - sold 2 snowman packages I accidentally looted:

Deaths ?
It's great that there is an option to autoscreenshot them.
1st, tried to run wz1 cause I was a bit late, step lags + nice combo got me down:

2nd, due to high latency (I live in EU and play on NA) I'm unable to run cobra bastion alone. Joined some random team then. I didn't know that it's better not to exori viziers. The team leader died too anyway, just 3 minutes later.

I used to have a little project called "Froggie" which I mentioned in my 1st post. The goal is to loot the stuffed toad. Since died I'm posting my old log from tibiopedia:

+ I killed additional 500 witches but didn't save logs
So, I will post updates showin my current bestiary log until I finally loot the toad.

Current status: 10055 witches.

Greetings from Cobra Bastion!

Wish I had the same luck with Medicine Pouches, I looted 100 of them and nothing 🙁

Congratz on so many bosses!

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