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Death Tracker - questions, answers and general feedback

Hi, sorry if this is dumb as I'm kinda new here, but I think it would be neat if recent deaths (<1-2 mins) also had a blood pool sprite to match. It'd be a cool visual indicator.

It's really a cool idea. I will consider adding it in the next update of the tool. Thanks 😉

Hi there.

Even unchecking the options: "Enable sound effects" and "Enable voice", when there's an update, it keeps saying something.

The other thing is: Is it possible to make it update faster? I don't know why, but sometimes it updates the last death after 2 minutes of the death, but sometimes it's really longer than 2 minutes, for example, 7 or even 8 minutes delay.



Thanks for report. Try clicking the "apply" button after selecting sound options.

We know the problem with delays. I can only say that we are working on it. Improvement will probably take a long time.

Hi Mogh,

I clicked on "Apply" after unchecking those option, even so, it's still giving sound notifications.

Please write the name and version of the browser you are using. I will check it out.

I'm using Google Chrome.


Google Chrome is up to date
Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Latest version

Okay. I'll see why it doesn't work properly. At the moment I recommend you to mute the sound in the browser tab.

It's sounding even when I muted the tab. Really strange.

I think I know what's going on. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. © 2019. All rights reserved.
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