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Bounty Hunter Rewards System

Just an idea but as a way to create some excitement into some not so interesting bosses and engagement with the site I was wondering if having a Bounty Hunter type ongoing contest had been considered.

Basically a boss is chosen as the bounty for all users and whoever is successful in finding and killing it first wins a reward. This could be some premium time on the site, general recognition of sorts, or something else entirely. Once this boss is killed, a new boss is put up.

I would recommend it placed on the main page of the site and not to include bosses that can be triggered in ways such as task bosses and not those that are always present such as pharoahs. Bosses like Necropharus would only count if they were seen naturally rather than as a result of the task. As a way to avoid people uploading pics of old kills they could have a timestamp message or something included etc.

Interested to hear thoughts on this ?

This is very interesting idea! We will think how it could work!

Yup, interesting. Tho you prolly gonna win all of them Baron xD.