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Bot/Macro monopolizing Femor Hills Orc Raids - We need help from the whole community!

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Possibly "Majestik Scream" on Antica

Active and currently checking in : (It may change if he encounters a raid and disables a certain character!)

Xebex Xandebra (Xandebra)
Wizera Wizard (Wizera)
Windy Wintera (Wintera)
Vroneck Visabra (Visabra)
Kirias Surth Ardera (Ardera)
Epoca Kamienia (Epoca)
Ferrohianu Karna (Karna)
Gentle Gentebra (Gentebra)
Gladka from Gladera (Gladera)
Havera Bumbozaur (Havera)
Impuls Impulsa (Impulsa)
Inabra Warriorz (Inabra)
Issobra Kliko Wilko (Issobra)
Totalna firmera (Firmera)
Azoson marbera (Marbera)
Lumos Luminera (Luminera)
Marcia full noobera (Marcia)
Menera ded meen (Menera)
Montek Monza (Monza)
Mububru Mudabra (Mudabra)
Nadora bulb (Nadora)
Nefera Nefe (Nefera)
Nossasito Nossobra (Nossobra)
Oliwa Limo Olima (Olima)
Opting for Optera (Optera)
Umbro Ombra (Ombra)
Seanera Porter (Seanera)

These characters have not been activated for a few days.
Some may have found raids and others maybe because the time to check all characters was taking too long!
Illusionary Illusera (Illusera) (Found a raid Illusera's Raid : Server Save of 19/Nov/2022 ( Nov 20 2022, 00:35:37 CET )
Bump bump ferobra (Ferobra)
Esmera lda (Esmera)
Famosa full kebab (Famosa)
Fera lny Sphinx (Fera)
Git From Dibra (Dibra)
Kalibrator Kalibra (Kalibra)
Kardera Fulldera (Kardera)
Melonik from Honbra (Honbra)
Prawdziwa Harmonia milosci (Harmonia)
Jomkastim Mykera (Mykera)
Liberty for Libertabra (Libertabra)
Lutek Lutabra (Lutabra)
Ocebalaton Ocebra (Ocebra)
Tyranosuarus Ousebra (Ousabra)

There is a lot more characters, i'm still investigating!

I'm really busy lately and I had hardly checked for raids not even bots. But whenever possible I stay on the floors of the towers looking for a few minutes. They always come back. Before that I already had to deal with 2 others this year. We cannot allow it!

Tip : On Retro Open and Retro Hardcore. (Killing wiht no Frags or PZ locked 15 Minutes)
Summon a Scorpion and atk him (Don't get closer, use a bow for safety). When scorpion hits once (with life damage poisoning him) Stop atk and leave the tower to Summon Dissapear or kill yout scorpions. Now just wait the poison ends his life. If you wanna make it faster, just stop ataking when life gets red. The moment your summon dissapear and your cease your atk, 1 minute ill count to lose PZ locked.

Don't touch him, only scorpion can atk him. Use "bow" to prevent damage if you get closer.
If you touch him (Fist puff) you ill get frag and pz 15!

Doesn't seem to works on Open Pvp servers!
I tried that there and it didn't work!

Update : Today all his lv 8 got deleted.
Those were difficult and boring days.
In the end, it worked and I hope it continues to work.
We had more people interested this time and that help could have been critical!



Character Totalna firmera does not exist.
Character Vroneck Visabra does not exist.
Character Umbro Ombra does not exist.
3 different account!


I'm slower every day, I've been working a lot and personal life has been heavy!

But from time to time I will come in to scan the tower for new threats!

You, yes you! have to do the same!

Good job

With that said, I think this whole thread should be deleted due to the deletion of the latest bot.

As someone else mentioned in this post, it just gives an idea to other botters and at some point there will be multiple botters non stop in the towers.

Zenn's are still popping up here n there somtimes, so be aware.


As I already informed you about on reddit, this would be a good idea to keep an eye on some other fella.

Also, I want to support the voices of the predecessors on the removal of the thread. On the other hand, I think it would be a great idea and instead share informations on private messages via discord/reddit instead of making it public.

Hey, how are you? Unfortunately I come with bad news!
I've been trying to fight new bots without having to post on forums or get too much attention and I usually manage for a while.
But this time we have a new threat that I can only fight on Retro servers. And that's why I came to warn you all!
That guy who dropped Amazon Armor and won a prize here at tibiabosses is investing heavily in a bot to farm all raids on all servers and he's expanding quickly

Like Daniel.
He is using a monitored frequent logging bot. And I'm going to start posting some names and servers for you to stay alert

His main char is "Leader Roland" from Nefera And he doesn't even try to hide it!


So lets talk about names :
All of these characters here are confirmed as bots. They log in within seconds or minutes of each other and at fixed intervals of 7 to 10 minutes
Dibra : Zugu Mage
Seanera : Epic Ag
Suna : Like Daniel
Inabra : Rokara Archer

Impulsa : Arcypechowiec
Nossobra : Berst Thustarin

Loggins times were somewhere around 5 minutes and changed to 7 minutes shortly after.
Now it's in 10 minutes. I believe this gap is due to the fact that he is including more and more characters!

Where does he log in and can he be found?
On the floor with 2 beds just below the main respaw with Warlords


The character's profile is usually lv 100 paladin with very similar outfit colors sometimes the same.

In Retro servers we are fighting him killing him that way he keeps logging in but usually on the carpet for a while until he goes back to the tower and we kill again!

That's it for now. "We" are collecting more information and reporting with our accounts, but we need more help. I'm not alone in this but unfortunately it seems I'm the only one bumping into these bots. Most just log in and out without worrying about these things and then don't know why they never find a raid on their servers!

Just to make some points clear. It does not activate 24 hours a day.
He is very active during the week and less so on weekends.
Always uses bot monitoring most of the time. You can spend hours without activating and out of nowhere become active for days. Follow more names we are finding.


Antica : Zoovix
Jadebra : Zugu Mage
Pulsera : Epic Ag
Kendria : Like Daniel
Havera : Artillero Tuky
Solidera : Ferramenta Doog
Inabra : Rokara Archer (traded)
Rasteibra : Zanker
Peloria : Kabitah
Utobra : Sookkaa (traded)

It's expanding fast and buying new characters

These here we are working to keep it off the tower when possible by trying or killing him.
Guerribra : Berst Thustarin
Impulsa : Arcypechowiec

Don't be fooled if you don't see him log in for a while.
He activates his bot whenever he can monitor it. Intervals are in 10 minutes and you can use any of these chars to try to find out if he has any on your server

Most of these names were found with the help of a server friend, a real raid hunter, who checks fairly.
So I need everyone's help to collect names and report. Stay tuned!

Update bot list names :
Loggin time it's about 9 Minutes and 23 Secconds.

Havera Artillero Tuky Level 82
Wintera Drakanius Level 143
Pulsera Epic Ag Level 100
Firmera Fafain Level 90
Solidera Ferramenta Doog Level 81
Quintera Garotinho pow Level 120
Peloria Kabitah Level 166
Kendria Like Daniel Level 91
Lobera Masoku Level 152
Rasteibra Zanker Level 164
Antica Zoovix Level 85
Jadebra Zugu Mage Level 153
Impulsa Arcypechowiec Level 109
Guerribra Berst Thustarin Level 93
Ferobra Omega Legend Level 143
Inabra Rokara Archer Level 111
Utobra Sookkaa Level 199
Mykera Trucutrucu tu Level 181


His main Tibiabosses Profile is :

Also his main char is >
Leader Roland (Nefera)
(Someone from Discord reported this to me his main char because he is trying selling a Amazon Helmet,
looted with his bot)

It is expanding quickly and buying characters on all servers. We need everyone's help,
reporting it and especially opening a ticket with Cipsoft support.


P SERVER NAME Level CEST interval
1 ° Thyria Arrowsero Lv 118 17:56:14 FIRST
2 ° Havera Artillero Tuky Lv 82 17:56:24 00:00:10
3 ° Wintera Drakanius Lv 143 17:56:33 00:00:09
4 ° Pulsera Epic Ag Lv 100 17:56:43 00:00:10
5 ° Firmera Fafain Lv 90 17:56:52 00:00:09
6 ° Solidera Ferramenta Doog Lv 81 17:57:01 00:00:09
7 ° Quintera Garotinho pow Lv 120 17:57:10 00:00:09
8 ° Peloria Kabitah Lv 166 17:57:19 00:00:09
9 ° Vunira Lepowa Lv 144 17:57:28 00:00:09
10 ° Kendria Like Daniel Lv 91 17:57:38 00:00:10
11 ° Lobera Masoku Lv 152 17:57:47 00:00:09
12 ° Talera Mort Fegus Lv 97 17:57:56 00:00:09
13 ° Rasteibra Zanker Lv 164 17:58:05 00:00:09
14 ° Antica Zoovix Lv 84 17:58:15 00:00:10
15 ° Jadebra Zugu Mage Lv 153 17:58:26 00:00:11
16 ° Impulsa Arcypechowiec Lv 109 17:58:36 00:00:10
17 ° Guerribra Berst Thustarin Lv 93 17:58:46 00:00:10
18 ° ? ? ? ? ?
19 ° ? ? ? ? ?
20 ° ? ? ? ? ?
21 ° ? ? ? ? ?
22 ° ? ? ? ? ?
23 ° ? ? ? ? ?
24 ° Ferobra Omega Legend Lv 143 17:59:56 00:01:10
25 ° Serdebra Pedrin usa Bolt Lv 168 18:00:05 00:00:09
26 ° ? ? ? ? ?
27 ° Inabra Rokara Archer Lv 111 18:00:24 00:00:19
28 ° ? ? ? ? ?
29 ° Ombra Solar Phoenix Lv 107 18:00:42 00:00:18
30 ° Utobra Sookkaa Lv 199 18:00:52 00:00:10
31 ° Lutabra Takeshiii Lv 90 18:01:01 00:00:09
32 ° Mykera Trucutrucu tu Lv 181 18:01:10 00:00:09
33 ° ? ? ? ? ?
34 ° Epoca Zudazo Lv 76 18:01:29 00:00:19
35 ° Quelibra Reffused Lv 132 18:01:38 00:00:09


His main Tibiabosses Profile is :

Also his main char is >
Leader Roland (Nefera)
(Someone from Discord reported this to me his main char because he is trying selling a Amazon Helmet,
looted with his bot)


He spends some time offline sometimes, especially when we bother him. It is important to keep track of the last log in of any of your characters before trying to wait to report it.

As you can see, topic's dead and nothing changed.

Still logging in every 9 minutes 50 (+/- 1) seconds. Interestingly reported on chat about being killed but that doesn't change anything. He's using a bot, he's near his PC and he's destroying the game. I already reported him in game several times, tried to motivate people into doing so as well and in the end I've sent an e-mail to CipSoft, we'll see how it'll go.

Stopped logging in after the death for the rest of the night.. or morning.

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