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Bot/Macro monopolizing Femor Hills Orc Raids - We need help from the whole community!

Possibly "Majestik Scream" on Antica

Active and currently checking in : (It may change if he encounters a raid and disables a certain character!)

Xebex Xandebra (Xandebra)
Wizera Wizard (Wizera)
Windy Wintera (Wintera)
Vroneck Visabra (Visabra)
Kirias Surth Ardera (Ardera)
Epoca Kamienia (Epoca)
Ferrohianu Karna (Karna)
Gentle Gentebra (Gentebra)
Gladka from Gladera (Gladera)
Havera Bumbozaur (Havera)
Impuls Impulsa (Impulsa)
Inabra Warriorz (Inabra)
Issobra Kliko Wilko (Issobra)
Totalna firmera (Firmera)
Azoson marbera (Marbera)
Lumos Luminera (Luminera)
Marcia full noobera (Marcia)
Menera ded meen (Menera)
Montek Monza (Monza)
Mububru Mudabra (Mudabra)
Nadora bulb (Nadora)
Nefera Nefe (Nefera)
Nossasito Nossobra (Nossobra)
Oliwa Limo Olima (Olima)
Opting for Optera (Optera)
Umbro Ombra (Ombra)
Seanera Porter (Seanera)

These characters have not been activated for a few days.
Some may have found raids and others maybe because the time to check all characters was taking too long!
Illusionary Illusera (Illusera) (Found a raid Illusera's Raid : Server Save of 19/Nov/2022 ( Nov 20 2022, 00:35:37 CET )
Bump bump ferobra (Ferobra)
Esmera lda (Esmera)
Famosa full kebab (Famosa)
Fera lny Sphinx (Fera)
Git From Dibra (Dibra)
Kalibrator Kalibra (Kalibra)
Kardera Fulldera (Kardera)
Melonik from Honbra (Honbra)
Prawdziwa Harmonia milosci (Harmonia)
Jomkastim Mykera (Mykera)
Liberty for Libertabra (Libertabra)
Lutek Lutabra (Lutabra)
Ocebalaton Ocebra (Ocebra)
Tyranosuarus Ousebra (Ousabra)

There is a lot more characters, i'm still investigating!

I'm really busy lately and I had hardly checked for raids not even bots. But whenever possible I stay on the floors of the towers looking for a few minutes. They always come back. Before that I already had to deal with 2 others this year. We cannot allow it!

Tip : On Retro Open and Retro Hardcore. (Killing wiht no Frags or PZ locked 15 Minutes)
Summon a Scorpion and atk him (Don't get closer, use a bow for safety). When scorpion hits once (with life damage poisoning him) Stop atk and leave the tower to Summon Dissapear or kill yout scorpions. Now just wait the poison ends his life. If you wanna make it faster, just stop ataking when life gets red. The moment your summon dissapear and your cease your atk, 1 minute ill count to lose PZ locked.

Don't touch him, only scorpion can atk him. Use "bow" to prevent damage if you get closer.
If you touch him (Fist puff) you ill get frag and pz 15!

Doesn't seem to works on Open Pvp servers!
I tried that there and it didn't work!

Update : Today all his lv 8 got deleted.
Those were difficult and boring days.
In the end, it worked and I hope it continues to work.
We had more people interested this time and that help could have been critical!



Character Totalna firmera does not exist.
Character Vroneck Visabra does not exist.
Character Umbro Ombra does not exist.
3 different account!


I'm slower every day, I've been working a lot and personal life has been heavy!

But from time to time I will come in to scan the tower for new threats!

You, yes you! have to do the same!