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Bosstiary x 'unique items'

CM Mirade told that unique items such as ferumbras hat wont be affected by equipment loot bonus @bosstiary, does anyone know what this means?


Im guessing items like glass of goo, trapped lightning WONT be affected by the bonus loot but what about icy culotte, ETA, thunder hammer, molten plate... any ideas?


If all bosses rares drops count as 'unique items', besides points for bosstiary, there's no good at farming rare bosses with this bonus loot, right?


ps: obviously im talking about bosses with random respawn with the old loot mechanic, not lever bosses

it probably work only with equipment things.

yeah, but what tibia understands as unique loot? Some items chosen because they are expensive like ferumbras hat, thunder hammer? Thats my point. Or by its rarity? Cause a pharaoh rare has a lower drop rate than a thunder hammer@orsha, would both be considered "unique" since only 1 creature drop each item?

And that equipment thing is odd, bag you desire is not an equipment and here we are with those being boosted

Quoting Mirade: "unique drops "are limited to one drop per boss kill, e.g. Ferumbras' hat." It means that if the item drops for one player, it will not drop for anyone else who also participated in that kill. The Ferumbras' hat is the most popular example.''


So looks like dsb, eye of the storm, icy culottes ARE unique and wont be affected by bosstiary. But if anyone has another logic and would like to share, i'd appreciate