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Bosshunters guide to Double Loot Event

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Polish version

2x loot event, don't you love it? It happens pretty regularly, but lasts only for a few days. How to make the most of it, get some nice cash and have a great time? Let me welcome you to this little guide.


In my opinion, bosses and their loot are the best part of the event. Let's start with a small explanation of how it works.
When you use loot prey bonus there is a chance (up to 40%) for the creature to generate an additional set of loot, so your loot is doubled then. During the event ALL creatures whose loot is NOT generated through cooperative loot system (like major bosses, for example Orshabaal, Gaz'Haragoth or the more common - White Pale, Welter and so on) will carry 2 independent sets of loot. You will also notice that the mentioned creatures will have 2x more loot slots.

This is a great opportunity for bosshunters, as there are lots of regular or quest bosses which we can take advantage of.

Pits of Inferno bosses

PoI seems to be one of the best places to check during the event. Their creature products (trident, frozen tear, handcuffs etc.) will be always doubled and what is more the chance to loot more rare items is also greater.

*Note that all given approximate loot values are already doubled.

You should focus mostly on:

Inquisition bosses

They are tempting, as we can kill them multiple times per day. Zugurosh seems to be camped the most during the event, as the  are worth about 10kk.

You should focus mostly on:

  •  Ushuriel - , approximate loot value without rare ~80k
  • Zugurosh - , approximate loot value without rare ~24k
  • Annihilon -     , , approximate loot value without rares ~78k
  • Hellgorak -        , approximate loot value without rares ~50k

Killing in the name of...(Grizzly Adams task) bosses.

2x loot event affects all Grizzly bosses, so it's wise to do some tasks during the event and also save some boss points to multiply the profit significantly. Remember that you can also kill demodras and tiquandas revenge once you get the trophy hunter rank. If you happen to do these special during the 2x loot weekend, you'll get 2x and have the chance to loot 2 at once.

Low level task bosses worth killing during the event:

  • Deathbine - , approximate loot value without rare ~10k
  •  Ribstride - , approximate loot value without rare ~8k
  • Fleshcrawler - , approximate loot value without rare ~25k

Mid levels:

  • The old widow - , best choice in level 80-129 level range.

High levels:

  • Ethershreck - , approximate loot value without rare ~56k
  • Zanakeph - , approximate loot value without rare ~55k

If you don't want to run too far you can choose:

  • The Many - approximate loot value ~62k
  • The Noxious Spawn - approximate loot value ~64k

2x loot event is also the best time to finish the following tasks:

  • Lugri's task (4000 necromancers/priestesses) – 100% chance to loot 2x
  • Budrik's task (5000 minotaurs) – 100% chance to loot 2x + increased chance to loot 1 or more
  • Pirate killing tasks – 100% chance for 2x ,

Regular bosses worth killing during the event:

Other interesting bosses worth killing during the event:

  • Hive bosses -
  • Yakchal -
  • Horestis -100% chance to loot 2x  - remember that whenever you break the jar and gain the chance to kill Horestis you can save it and wait for the event
  • Kroazur - increased chance to loot 1 or more and every 2 hours
  • Lord of the Elements - increased chance to loot and
  • Mamma Longlegs - increased chance to loot
  • Bosses of Rookgaard – Munster, increased chance to loot , Apprentice Sheng (increased chance to loot and

Roshamuul prison bosses

If you have some spare prison keys, it might be worth a while to visit Roshamuul prison and kill the bosses there, as their loot will be also doubled.

  •  Horadron  -    /you need to enter
  • Zavarash -  /you need to enter
  •  Terofar -     /you need to enter


Out of luck with the bosses and every hunting spot is taken? Try to kill some pharaohs in Ankrahmun, as each of them fall under the 2x loot distribution.

You should focus mostly on:

  •  Ashmunrah -
  • Morguthis -
  • Dipthrah -
  • Mahrdis -

Maybe these items are not the most expensive ones,

but there is theoretical chance to loot even 4 rares at once!

General hints:

  • Don't worry about stamina, focus on loot and getting profit, not exp;
  • Remember that the loot from raid monsters is not doubled, including rare orc in Orc Fortress and orc raid on Femor Hills/Thais/Lighthouse;
  • Look for the uncommon bosses whose loot is not 100% discovered, for example Rukor Zad, Xenia, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe. Who knows, 2x loot event may help to reveal some new surprises;
  • If you want to get some nice cash on low level, aim for expensive creature products – and so on;
  • The are many hunting spots in Tibia which are not hunted regularly. Be creative and you'll always find some places to hunt, even during peak hours.

Finally, if you are a bit tired of bosses, you may look for some nice rares during regular hunting. Thanks to the event, you can profit in places where hunting usually brings waste. As 367 ek playing solo, I would recommend, based on my experience:

  • For FACC players- Dark Cathedral - and lots of
  • Drakens -
  • War golems -
  • Deeplings -
  • Places with liches -
  • Mad mage dungeon -
  • Mini roshamuul on Feyrist - good profit overall

Remember to send us your interesting 2x loots from bosses, so we can add them to our gallery.
Good luck bosshunters!


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