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Bosses checkable by noob characters

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I would like to know which bosses are possible to check with noob characters. If this is considered "cheating" I will delete this thread. When i say noob characters I am not saying specifically level 8 characters with stealth ring.

For now I have the following bosses "camped":

  1. Crustacea Gigantica - Treasure Island- Liberty Bay
  2. White Pale - Edron, Liberty Bay, Darashia
  3. Rotworm Queen- Edron, Liberty Bay, Darashia, Ab'Dendriel- Hellgate
  4. Diblis The Fair- Nargor- Liberty Bay
  5. Griffinclaw Flower - Liberty Bay
  6. Midnight Panther- Port Hope
  7. Ocyakao- Svargrond
  8. Orc- Orc Fortress
  9. Yeti- Folda
  10. Fernfang- POH- Druid Island

I would add General Murius and Zevelon Duskbringer.

Nice dude =)


The Horned Fox


Thank you everyone for your responses, i am now making new noob chars, wish me luck © 2018. All rights reserved.
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