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Cavebear tamed on Harmonia 😉

Dharalion on garnera :>

white pale with good loot at pacera 😀

white pale!

Dharalion on Tavara:

Munster Tavara:

Munster Nerana:

All those bosses killed in like 10mins 😛

Dharalion on Pythera:

Not so lucky on the loot: 20:29 Loot of Dharalion: a blank rune, a bread, an elven astral observer, an elvish talisman, 81 gold coins, a holy orchid, a sling herb, a yellow gem

Big Bad One, Rowana 🙂


Congratz guys! 😀

Grorlam on Thera. A bit hard to kill with 38 ek, but managed to do it. 🙂

Furyosa on chrona - Loot is Furious Frock © 2019. All rights reserved.
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