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Morta 😛



13:37 Loot of Dracola: demonic essence, Dracola's eye, 86 gold coins, 2 platinum coins, a soul orb, a skull helmet, a life crystal




It was real hell to kill Zarabustor as ek on facc. There is no way to trap him in the corner in that place, but luckily I had 100 mwalls with me. I've also discovered a new sound which wasn't on wikia: "Ah, practice time once again!".


And my 2nd Countess. 4 kicks during the fight, but worth it.

Mad, Maka, feel free to use Zarabustors screenshot in Bossopedia. Post those also on facebook please. ????

First time meeting the White Pale. Pretty kool. Loot wasn't great.

If someone can explain how to get my pics clear as everyone else, i'd appreciate it.

Congrats! About screenshots, you just need to paste link, but it need to be direct link (ending with .jpg, .png etc), not to imgur gallery. Here are some details:

Images on forum

Thx for clarifying that for me Mad Def, seems to have fixed my problem. =]

Today I found this one on Hydera


And yesterday this one on Aurera


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