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Bosses [Screenshots]

De ontem, dia 05. Yeti sem loot em Quelibra

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🙁 but sadly
Jun 21 2022 22:48:26 CEST Elev (Residence: Roshamuul) (Premium Account) Killed at Level 299 by Elev and Furyosa. Antica 

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Very sad, it does not appear in bosstiary, it should be nemesis
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It's task boss so - no it shouldn't be there. The old widow, demodras tiquandas and many more although you can met them wild it doesnt count so.

Your deeds have been noticed and the following items dropped by Scarlett Etzel are available in your reward chest: a green gem, a cobra sword, a red gem, 4 bullseye potions, 8 ultimate mana potions, 2 supreme health potions, 2 platinum coins, an energy bar, 2 royal stars, 100 royal stars.

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Imperor killed today on 150% Boss Bonus and Wealth Duplex , though only Wealth Duplex got triggered on the loot message. Anyone had the same problem before?

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Grandfather Tridian - Serdebra

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Menera - Lord Argentum - Teleskor

09:56 Loot of Teleskor: 56 gold coins, a pelvis bone, a hatchet, a viking helmet.

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Found in Venebra a few minutes ago 🙂


General Murius - Mage Sunmi

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