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Don't want to create your thread? You can post your screenshots here! 🙂

2 bosses to get things started:)


I like that there is no need to use tags to post pictures. Good job Mad Def.

Wow, congrats meeting Necropharus!

I should add him to bossopedia next time 😀

Today I got this one on Hydera  ????



Nice! The interesting thing is that he says "Feel the power of the Moo'tah" - it is this boss sound right?

Killed Dharalion today on inferna! (will try to take a better picture next time)

Thanks TibiaBosses! ????



Congratz! Maybe next time Corncopia? Who knows 😀 Wish u luck!

Thanks, hehe i wish - killed dozens nothing yet :/ Btw @Makadamia do you use any template for you photos? I would like to make pretty pictures too :p





I just cut it in Paint and make simple black frame in size depends on what shows screenshot. 🙂

In my thread I'm showing only adventures from my main char - Makadamia, but sometimes my noobchars meet some bosses  on Harmonia too! © 2019. All rights reserved.
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