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Boss Spawn Times

I've heard a few times that most bosses spawn for roughly 4 hours before poofing and are won't spawn within the 4 hours prior to the server save given this.

Is this known, can people confirm it or know if it has been tested?

I personally, given I'm asking this question, have no idea.

I believe that is in the system for CIP

bosses spawn time I've heard rumors of many things.

not -4 hours to SS

not +2 hours to SS

spawns x hours +/- current spawn time next spawn cycle. Ex~ spawn 07:55 PST(my time) next spawn 17:30 PST


It's all hearsay of course. Personally I think the x time before SS thing is legit, it wouldn't make sense to spawn a vampire lord at 00:49 PST(11 minutes to SS my time)  the other stuff I don't think is a thing, just rumors ect~

Ive seen Valorcrest 2 hrs after my ss.

i killed yeti pretty often in the last 5 hours before ss, most was 3 hours before ss (and i am checking hourly, so it was not there the hour before)

also 2 times one hour before ss and one time just after ss © 2018. All rights reserved.
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