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Boss in the Egg Contest – Submissions Thread


Happy Anniversary!

Character name: Helioth

World: Nefera

BOSS: Planestrider


Boss that requires all the latent energy of its compound. Emerge from a metal egg that is capable of channeling all energy through pipes.

Material's list:
-Pair of scissors
-White glue
-Aluminum tin metal
-Liquid silicone
-Hair gel
-Coloured plasticine
-Colored acrylic paint
-Metal nails
-Spray paint
-Colored pencils and markers
-Aluminum Foil
-Pink paper






Good luck!


Character: Sacros Arturt
World: Quintera

Boss: Fazzrah


This was an egg made by an old craftsman from Farmine, in honor of the lizards and their mighty leader Fazzrah on Easter day. Easter eggs are characterized by their surprising content, and what better way to surprise yourself than every time you open this egg you get one surprise after another.


stop motion:



Final result:









Good luck!



  • Char: Igamaru
  • Server: Libertabra
  • Boss: Demodras


Please follow the rules and add phtos from creating process.

Tutorial on how to do it you can find the first post or in the link below:

~ Makadamia

Uploaded files:
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  • Char: Igamaru
  • Server: Libertabra
  • Boss: Demodras


Please post your submission in one post.

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  • Char: Igamaru
  • Server: Libertabra
  • Boss: Demodras


Please post your submission in one post.

I'm not able to post as images all together

You can paste direct links to the post like everybody did, tutorial on how to do it is in the first post of the contest.


Name: Fanjita

World: Celesta

Boss: Tentugly


Hey y’all!

Since main topic of the contest refers to an egg, I’d like to present you The Tentugly made of foam eggs, protecting his treasure (which is actually painted foam eggs), resting in a ship hole full of water, made of scrambled eggs.

Awesome thing is that there is a tough competition amongst us. Wish you all guys good luck!


So here we go!


And some video for the dessert!


Good luck in the contest.

~ Makadamia


Character: Mangusia
World: Antica
Boss: Maw



Thanks for participating!

~ Makadamia

The Plasmother and the Chamber of Eggs

Nickname: Bijou Kidi         World: Antica

Hello there,

I would love to introduce you to "How Bosses are made". This is site 6 of the Tibian Cooking Book.

Did you ever wonder why some of the bosses don't have regular spawn?

Why do you have to wait until you can kill the Plasmother? 

HERE are the answers!

The Plasmother is a special boss that needs some preparation. 

You need 6 eggs, spinach, magic fluid, and, of course, Enchanted Silver Mace. 

Then comes "Incubation Time". The Plasmother is hatching from the golden eggs which you can see in her chamber. Every now and then, one of those slimy, stronger versions of Defiler is showing up to adventurous Tibians to scare them out..uhm... to fill their stomaches.



So, here are some pics how the Chamber of Eggs was made. This is an important part in Tibian History!

The floor is made of slimy wax! But, let's see what else do we need to get for the Chamber and the Plasmother!


As you can see, we will need Eggs from Bayern (Bavaria), because here Tibia was born. We also need to enchant Silver Mace with earth enchancement, to not make too much pain to our fresh-born Plasmother.



As always... I only got gold coins and Plasmother Remains ... I really hope that one day we will see some astonishing loot from this boss!



Thank you for organising this contest! It was great fun to make something crazy!


Good luck!

~ Makadamia

Personaje: Marsita
Mundo: Lobera
Boss: Yeti





Good luck in the contest!

~ Makadamia


Tentugly Head 


Character: Fire Rodan

Server: Gladera


Thank you for your participation!

~ Makadamia