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BOSS General Murius

13:53 Loot of General Murius: 32 gold coins, 2 minotaur horns, minotaur leather, 12 piercing bolts, a platinum coin, 6 power bolts, a strong health potion, a battle shield, a double axe, a dwarven helmet

Do you happen to have any screenshot with that loot?

Hi guys,

I just killed General Murius as well. It was on Beneva, I killed him at 13:10 CET

Loot of General Murius: 62 gold coins. 2 minotaur horns, minotaur leather, a platinum coin, a brass armor, chain legs

I do not know how to place a screenshot.


You can just paste link to image on forum, or send it by galler: ,

or Facebook 😛

I already killed about 20 murius and didn't got dwarven helmet. From today i won't check.

I have killed over 200+ general murius, and never did loot an helmet. so without proof, i'd say it is a fake post. 🙂 © 2018. All rights reserved.
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