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Birthday Card Contest - Submissions Thread

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Submissions thread for Boss Birthday Card Contest! Post your work here.

Contest and rules:

Boss Birthday Card Contest

You don't know ow to post images?

How to post images

This thread is only for submissions. Contest discussion thread is placed here:


Good luck!


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  • #2 by oninj4 Valid!
  • #3 by Remixer Valid!
  • #4 by Didi Valid!
  • #5 by Buyo Valid!
  • #6 by Purpleblast Valid!
  • #7 by Purpleblast Valid!
  • #8 by Miss Snob Valid!
  • #9 by Pedro Larez Valid!
  • #10 by Pedro Larez Valid!
  • #11 by Nelasz Valid!
  • #12 by Allan Gálvez Millares please add also picture with creation process!
  • #13 by MythyNob Valid!
  • #14 by waldermartz please send creation process of yeti picture, if you are creator! if you are not, you will need to change it!

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  • #15 by Vian Mu Valid!
  • #16 by doctoromnomnom Valid!
  • #17 by Jadon Wongcp Valid!


Creation stage 1 :
Creation sage 1

Creation stage 2 :

Creation stage 2 :

Final art :

Final art

Link to post on imgur :


This is my submission on the Birthday Card Contest, hope you guys like it.

My character name is Ninja Charhater, world Dolera.

Entry 1 - Remixer
Character Name - Salidam
Character World - Inferna

Creation Image 1:

 A fancy post-stamp for a fancy post-card, for important purposes, Yeti themed, of course.

Creation Image 2:

  A black side of a post-card. Time to write. Do not mind the Dire Penguin blood on the corner.


Final Product:

Cover (Image side of the post card)

 Albeit having very vague recipient and postal information it seems that Tibian mail did manage to deliver the post card to the correct address, and what's most important, in time! As often while tracking bosses, you don't always necessarily have all the stuff you might actually turn out to need, this includes big-enough post cards.

Text (Text side of the post card)

 The most important bit, the actual text and greetings of the post card. Even though the Happy Birthday part could not fit onto this side I am sure that the Yeti is more interested how boss hunters are doing, rather than hearing a wall-of-text about his birthday and how boss-hunters could not come this year (neither).

Author's Notes:
The rules said only self-made fonts could be used and I have no idea how to make a font so I decided to go with full free-hand writing, and I must say I might do it from now on - it turns out to be pretty awesome-looking. Also, was not sure if the Logo Yeti had a name so I decided to just call him Yeti, perhaps next contest about who he is and where he came from and what is he doing?

Also, Happy Birthday!

Character Name: Didi Hadid

Character World: Zanera

Creation Stage Page 1:

Creation Stage Page 2:

Birthday Card Page 1:

Birthday Card Page 2:

Wish you guys a Happy Birthday!!! And keep up the good work! ????

Character Name: Buyoo

Character World: Zanera

Creation phase #1:


Creation phase #2:


Birthday Postcard:

Happy B'day 🙂



Character: Purpleblast

World: Aurera

Creation process:



Happy birthday again, that party^ was lit  😛

Character: Purpleblast

World: Aurera

Creation process:


Character: Lady Snobbl

World: Beneva


Birthdaycard (process):






Final card:





The card ist crafted by myself, it took me a few hours and I think it was worth the effort ???? Congratz Tibiabosses!


Character: Pedritox On Solera

World: Solera

Level: 230 Paladin








Name: Pedritox On solera

World: Solera

Creation 2:

Final 2:



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