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Boss Birthday Card Contest - Results

We are happy to present results of Birthfay Card Contest! You can find it on Events section on the menu!


Here on this thread you can comment the contest and results!

Congrats to winners! Good effort to the rest

Congrats !

Thank U so much guys 😉

Thanks TibiaBosses :mrgreen: 

I'm soo happy, i enjoyed this event, i congratulate all the participants and winners  😀 

Congratz to all the winners, great stuff! 😉

Thanks to all participants for your effort, we love all of those awesome entries! Great job guys!

Thank you so much!! And congratulations to the other winners 🙂

Well deserved

Hey 🙂 there is a scribal error on my trophy. Is it possible to get one without? Just asking 😛

I will ask Rejana, we will see what can be done! 🙂

Yes! You should send it back Rejana on Beneva, and then send an email to