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Baron Von Spack - Life Thread

Few weeks since last updated, moved house in rl and my tibia activity has taken a decent hit. Still not back to my old online times, nevertheless here is what I've been up to ?

Quite relevant to here, since my last post I have joined the Tibia Bosses team ?

Levels whilst looking for Tyrn and a ml gain during Lloyd ?

And a couple of Rook achievements with the recent world event ?

For the first time ever I found the Dog Lady but someone had got there before me and got the basket of puppies ?

Another Thais Lighthouse Orc Raid

Double Crustacea, 2nd one I found for a mate

And double Undead Cavebear, with 1 maxilla included for loot

2x Munster

General Murius

2x Arachir

2x Diblis, died to the first one, she was invisible, summoned all banshees at once and I was 1-hit by all involved

Old mate Zevelon again ?

Straight after Zevelon as I always do I went looking for the Evil Eye and found him for the first time ?

Looted a lovely Djinn Blade from Sandking ?

Found Dharalion not only for my first and second time but was treated to a lovely Cornucopia ?

And found my final bank robber, not only have I now found each of the 4 but this was my 5th total and earned my the Goldhunter achievement ?

And lastly, due to the Furb of Fun winning the world event (I had 25 characters supporting it so I like to think I helped :P) I was super lucky and got 6 perfect mammoths off of 772 ice cubes to complete my Cold as Ice achievement for 10 perfect mammoths ?

Been busy not that I'm back at work so online times have taken a significant hit, trying to find balance to still get on and fortunately I'm still finding the bosses 🙂

Series of levels, few achievements, bosses and of course a few deaths along the way. Now at 37 Vampire Lord Tokens and 574 Achievement points, 45th on my server 🙂

Level 161

Can't recall what happened here, either a fail or a distraction from my baby Sophie lol

Level 161 again

Attempting to solo Asuras quest, note to self, don't run this room, Midnight Asura's invis ruined me

Level 161 again again 😀 Only ran SOME rooms

Level 162, was close to level so got it here mid boss checks

Failed trying to take a screenshot, wasn't paying proper attention

Level 162 again, checking Wel1ter/working Hydra task

Ran too deep, lured too much, result pictured follows

Level 163

Magic Level 92

Some bosses, etc. Have put most similar bosses to the same picture this time.

2 Different Thais Lighthouse Orc Raids

The Many, REVENGE!!

2 Teleskors

3 Rottie the Rotworm

3 Munster (I want that die/dice so bad!!!)

2 Apprentice Sheng (still no knife 🙁 )

Rotworm Queen

Undead Cavebear on 2 different days

Cublarc the Plunderer in Orc March Raid

Zevelon Duskbringer

Diblis the Fair

Arachir the Ancient One, seems to be my new boss love

Tyrn, 2nd time I've fought, first time I found it though and managed to solo it easy 🙂

Some achievements 🙂

Polisher, still no Golden Armor though 🙁

Cave Completionist Outfit, finally! Did Drillworm task for 100 days haha.

Shell Seeker Achievement!!! Man that takes a while haha

Devovorga Mini-Bosses

Flaming Orchid down and Lost Palace Raider Achievement, all solo 🙂

Also, I upgraded from my Edron Central Circle 2 House to Fortune Wing 1 in Yalahar 😀 Was a nightmare trying to do this picture haha

I love this thread! Hope you'll be back soon 🙂

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