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Baron Von Spack - Life Thread

So I had a life thread years and years ago on Tibiacity and recently have been looking around at the various sites. I see no better place than TibiaBosses to begin a new fansite home for me  ?


I started on Keltera in January 2007, that same month I found and joined Harmony, the guild and home I have had ever since. Pure peaceful,  neutral guild, rule abiding guild. We've had ups and downs with some serious power abuse on the server in the earlier years but the guild has always maintained true to itself and its values.

I've never really prioritised levels but rather the community of the game so quite active on forums, fansites and the world community itself running various events and lotteries. As you can see I've also levelled very slowly haha, spent a whole year at level 51 ? , instead prioritised fishing, mana training as well as skill training. I'm actually running a free 30kk lottery at the moment for the server for example, pretty excited about it.

I retired in late 2011 and returned to Tibia earlier this year. I'm a big fan of questing, achievements, bosses and rare collections and never really hunt for the sake of levelling but in order to do one of the above. At about 414 achievements points at the moment.

I'll try to update this pretty regularly and start off with a few key things from the past few weeks or so ?

Lastly, a little about me, I'm 28 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately I often have decent lag of 500-800 but I manage to deal with it. Myself and my partner have recently had a daughter, shes 11 weeks old now and as of last week she has returned to work, and I went on leave to be a stay at home dad ? So often I find myself playing one-handed or with her on my forearms like she is now whilst I type this haha.

House & Stats

Recently managed to get a dream home from my early days of an Edron CC house. Currently actually bidding on CC2 which has currently come available and hoping to upgrade into it.

10:10 You see a tapestry of honour.
It weighs 8.00 oz.
It was awarded during the festivities of Tibia's anniversary.
You read: This tapestry has been awarded to the guild Harmony for being more than 10 years old on January 7th 2017 at Tibia's 20th birthday.
10:10 You see a golden goblet.
It weighs 15.00 oz.
GM Alevina of Keltera wrote on 13. May 2009: Goblets are gold,
SD runes are grey.
Spackers is nub,
have a nice day!

My current skills and stats. Most proud of the Club Fighting as I think its roughly top 10 Sorc club in Tibia and top 25 Melee. This is affected by 30% loyalty bonus so I'm very close to 25 Club base skill which I think puts me 2nd Club and top 10 Melee in Tibia. My shielding used to be just as decent (I had top shielding/mage melee on my server when I retired) but years of being able to train it in your sleep has put everyone far above me.


Quests & Achievements

Finally did Mortal Combat mission.

Solo'd my way to taming Dragonling, one of my prouder achievements of late ?


A few achievements of late

Missed Screenshot of Lord of the Elements boss fight  ?

Bosses & Raids

Myself and a guildmate endlessly hunt Munster, possibly 15-20 kills myself, hes on about 30, no dice yet.

My 4th Midnight Panther, took 3 to tame and this was the first kill, got lucky ?

Thais orc raid, missed screenshot again but no loot ? It was the first I had attended though which was fun

We had Pale Count spawn, second time I helped kill, forgot manashield first time getting there haha ? Was lucky with loot to make up for it though! First raid token too

5 Minutes after Pale Count, 2nd raid token

I then found this guy for the first time 30 minutes later, lucky day although not for loot this time

Pretty boring SS as I missed it at the time but got Draptor mount finally, went to raid, killed the Grandmother, couldn't find Draptor gave up and went to leave. Bumped into a high level EK just blocking one who said I could tame it, was stoked : -D

Few task bosses I've done recently, for some reason I never did tasks before I retired so have been playing catch up.

Lastly, a few pharoah bosses working on HotA with guildmates and friends

Apologies for the spam of pictures, been a busy two weeks but at least this is now up to date ?

Looks like great thread! I love the idea of lotteries! Screenshots looks cool, I wish you good luck!

PS. I will write to you on private message at the chat!

Nice thread man

So I smashed out the Hellspawns task, managed to get the surface of Yalahar and some of underneath to myself for ages. A few folks came past, but all very respectful and polite, things have definitely changed haha.

Was absolutely killing until I had 2 deaths in 10 minutes, immediately after talking with Raiyuk saying I hadn't yet died. First death was my being a bit too gutsy, had 2 on me, 1 was almost dead and then another turned up. Rather than running for safety I foolishly thought I could tank 3 for a second. Second death (pictured) where you can see my other body was a ridiculously unlucky 1 hit KO by 2 hellspawns (I killed one at the same time).

I also managed to fail my 6th Slug Drug... Apparently its a 30% chance to fail...

Went to check The Welter and although it was not there, in the 5 mins that I was there I was very lucky.

Then a guildmate joined me to hunt Formargar mines whilst we gained hoist access.

Slightly into both Nightmare and High Class Lizard tasks, the last two for that 80-130 bracket.

This post starts off with a new boss for me, Zushuka!

You'll notice a trend in this post and possible the entire series, I get myself into tough situations and die a lot, fortunately it doesnt bother me ? Although I admit I have been a lot worse and careless of late than normal, even for me ?

Didn't get a screenshot of it but unfortunately died to Zushuka before these were taken when we were trying to deal with the pillars and spawn was epic. Killed alongside Ufa, a 251 EK who got in some damage whilst i was returning to spawn. Unfortunate no luck on the loot for either of us though.

We then had the main Zao orc raid. The main kill team ran up about 5 mins before I even got to the tower. Was talking to a few friends about what I should do, most said leave as I would die. I agreed with them on the dying part but wanted to see how I went, that was a rough spawn...

A random bear gathering I bumped into.

Regaining 126 the first time ?  doing Spike daily task.

Thought I'd check out the Hive tasks for the first time, tougher area than I figured... May wait on these and do later haha.

And regained again.

During a Diblis check I had to go tend to my daughter, so I went to go up the stairs near Sebastian, however I misclicked... And a Tarantula found me ?

Whilst completing Gravedigger ? For the fourth and hopefully final time (at least for this post)

And finally the Gravedigger achievements ?

Hey cool pics.  I think we maybe played together briefly on Keltera.  Started my character around the same time as you 😉  (Aegoth Darko)

Hehe, that name does ring a small bell, afraid that's all though, long long time ago 😀

Another little update. Checking Apprentice Sheng on the rooker I noticed I was close to level up so I got it 🙂

Then this little achievement for the Bored Wyda mini event, glad to finally get it, eating through my blood herbs, got it on the 2nd today but probably over 30 all up.

Lastly, I was lucky enough to win the auction for Edron CC2 so technically currently own both CC2 and CC3 which is pretty novel and kinda bonkers given a month or so ago Edron CC houses seemed eons away. Here is the current deco of the 2 houses, doesn't quite compare to my mates next door though 😀

Good break in between posts, busy with baby and mana training over the double exp. Lost a couple pictures somehow over the period. Managed to hit top of Thera online time for a fair period this week and top 50 in Tibia online as well. Finally, I managed the impossible and was online for more than 24 hours in a few days 😛

We start with my finishing my Nightmare Task and getting 127 in the process.

Over the Double exp/skill weekend I used a final 5-day voucher of mine to prioritise mana, also got a couple levels along the way.

Found a few bosses along the way, my first Zevelon, my first Welter, 2nd Panther (lucky loot again), Munster again, tamed Cavebear mount (missed SS). I had 2 crustacea run on me, had Zulazza's raid appear with a dead server just after double exp ended, so myself and 251 EK mate tried doing it first but died to Zulazza then a 98 ED guildmate logged and we got him down 😉

Also a couple of achievements that were picked up 🙂

Wouldn't be a Spack thread without a few deaths, Hydra because chatting, the Zulazza shown earlier, got 1 hit ko'd by a real unlucky Midnight Asura combo, shouldn't have popped my head up hehe. Then tried Oramond without mana shield and got greedy on a rough spawn, after killing the Welter I foolishly decided to run out and into 5 hydras leading to another death (not pictured) and lastly another death to ogres (not pictured) where my baby was distracting and I had chat off so hotkeys werent on lol.

Can we not forget you're a freaking awesome guy and as kind as they come?

Haha, look I'll take it mate but I'm just a normal bloke 😀

Been busy as normal 🙂

Found Zevelon again 🙂

Then proceeded with a bunch of achievements, including many for the Bigfoot Burden quest, got Level 131 in the process 🙂 I was putting off taming the Gnarlhound not realising I'd already done the whole quest but never grabbed the Golem Wrench and used it hehe. Fail.

Found my First Rotworm Queen and looted a Gland 😀

Encountered this deadly arachnid raid in Kazordoon.

Finally finally finally did Warlord Arena, was super easy, and now I finally have a decent club weapon 🙂

Had a mate hunting the Asura Palace and decided to get the quests there done. Unfortunately I did not research properly before hand nor adequately prepare myself and we have this outcome haha 😀

Lastly, had awesome loot from Cublarc, first attempt at Lloyd but our pally missed the timer and high level ED died whilst chatting so we couldnt kill him in time. Also grabbed 132 doing more Bigfoot tasks and tamed Crustacea (3rd attempt) which I was stoked about 😀

Currently at 460 Achievement points which would put me at 76 for Thera 🙂 Not bad for my level hehe. © 2020. All rights reserved.
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