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Arnautron - Life Thread


Quote from Makadamia on 13 October 2020, 17:58
Quote from Arnautron on 2 October 2020, 21:31

Here we go with the BOMB of this thread im guessing 😛


Oh indeed! This is a huge luck! First Ferumbras Mortal Shell with one of the best loot possible! Big Congratz! You gonna make an addon or some cash?


Hello Makadamia, we sharing it. After 1-2 years killing it every 15 days, finnaly some good 😛 One of our team bought it and made the hat.

Here is the screenshot :    Congrats Zalo <3

Hey hey hey, i know you missed me Kappa but here we go with the weekly update. Not that much time to play / check cuz i started again to work so bad news for one, good for others 🙂


Feroxa #1

Finally i get the helmet


Zhusuka #8


Arachir The Ancient One #16


Ocyakao #9


Arachir The Ancient One #16


Diblis The Fair #5


Man In The Cave #2

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