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Should Ferumbras be stronger?

This thread is about power of bosses like: Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal. Do you think those bosses should be stronger, and harder to kill?

I don't think so, i think they had their time, remember back in the day when orshabaal was THE boss? Then we had Ghazbaran, Morgaroth, etc.. this just shows that us players are getting stronger and stronger, i think a number buff on those bosses would be a lazy decision to take, and we have difficult bosses already like ghaz'haragoth for example, its sad to see bosses like the great ferumbras being killed almost without effort but i think this is natural...

Of course they should be stronger. Their base hp should be multiplied at least 10-15 times. Clearly something is wrong when you wait a few months for the boss and it gets killed within 2-3 turns giving you literally no chance to even participate in the fight.

Good revamp is needed - at least regarding hp and strength overall.

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