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The Great Boss Hunt


Nice, but please send images by or on private message on Facebook! 😉

Chosen by the Facebook community, Bomdrax from Pacera is getting additional reward of 50 Tibia Coins!

Both winners of Screenshot of the Week will have chance winning Screenshot of the Month reward!

This week our best screenshots are: The Imperor by Leo Camisadez (Quelibra) and Zyshuka by Juca Kfura (Solera)!

Two screenshots below are chosen by us, and both of them will be presented to Cipsoft for Screenshot of the month contest. Both Players will receive reward of 1 month Tibiabosses premium, but you will choose which one of them will get additional reward - 50 Tibia Coins! Vote Here

This week our Video of the Week is World Devourer by Maracu (Laudera)!

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