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Mystery of the Mahatheb - english version



Williams that's not much to be honest. Once I pwn3d +100 rounds of vamps and bonebeasts and no luck. I had like 550-600 rounds without luck, or even more. Apparently 2 Mahathebs in last 2 days and I hope for another one today.


If it resps then my following theory may be true:


Mahatheb has 0% of resp if every fungus in the tomb is not 'activated'. It doesn't matter if you do it, or anyone hunting in the tomb.

If they are activated than Mahatheb can resp and its resp rate is higher than 1% in my opinion. It may be even more than 5%. But of course it's just a theory. I'm working on that one.

Hello guys,

I just want to introduce you to an observation I made.  Sometimes, in the graveyard in which you enter the tomb, there is 2 skeletons and 1 ghoul spawning.  They are not always there and they seems to spawn at the same time.  I stood up in the graveyard and all 3 spawned at once.

It could be nothing, of course...



I already found him once, on a new server, so i think the theory that a certain number of creatures needs to be killed can be true, becouse there was a looot of people hunting there all day long..

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