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Mystery of the Mahatheb - english version


I agree with you that it is similar to the bosses at the Hive Island in Liberty bay because that has a similar mechanic of the specific boss spawn.  The Hive Island spawn on the bottom floor is either a spidris elite or a hive overseer, just like this spawn is either a vampire or bonebeast.  Also, these spawns tend to be on a different timer than a typical monster spawn, taking more time that the surrounding monsters to respawn.  What I don't completely agree with is the assumption that it is tied to the number of monsters killed in the dungeon.  This may be the case but I just haven't seen any evidence say that this is the case so I have a hard time assuming that is the mechanic.  If there is evidence of this being how Hive Island works then I would buy in.  Also a second theory that I would add to parallel that one would be that there is a random chance that when that spawn spawns it can be a boss (very unlikely).  So things that would effect this would be repeatedly killing that specific spawn to get it to respawn.  I could see server save resetting the spawn and also possibly if unkilled for 4h but that is just a possibility.

Just throwing another theory out there until one is somewhat confirmed.

Yesterday we, with friend, killed around 1500 monsters in that tomb in like 30 minutes.
Still there were no sight of boss or even bonebeast. In case of Yielothax you need to kill 2500, so maybe we didn't kill enough. Maybe someone tried  killing some specific number of monsters?

Or maybe it's related to the number of djinns killed in the tomb? 100 for example.

That would make sense as Djinn's maybe with their power keeping this curse quiet, but when they cannot provide Mahatheb enough power, curse takes him and he spawns as a mummy. There need to be much more testing done to prove those theories.

Good reading, keep up the search guys!

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