How to start?
Just choose your server, look which bosses are worth checking and find them all! 🙂

Where to find boss?
Map for every boss you can find in Maps section. Choose Galleries/Maps from the Menu.

How to prepare for boss?
Every boss is different, some of them are strong and require special tactics. If you want to know more about boss just click on its miniature.

When statistics are updating?
Statistics can pe updated at 4 AM CEST (-6h before EU server save).

How to refresh statistics?
If there is message about old statistics on the site, just click “CLICK UPDATE”. Note, that it can be done after 4.00 AM CEST.

How to report bugs?
If there is something wrong in the site, you can write it on forum, facebook, or use “Contact Us” section.

How to send picture to Users Gallery?
You can send it by e-mail (gallery@tibiabosses.com), by facebook, or forum.

Why I should register?
Registered users can talko on chat and use forum. In the future we are planning to add more features!

How to register?
You can click “Register” in “Users” section on the menu. You can also log in by Facebook!

Is the date they respawn completely random, or is there a period after a boss is killed in which it won't spawn? Does the chance that a boss spawns increase after it hasn't spawned for a long time?
It is not completely random. For example boss can have respawn time 5-7 days. It can randomly spawn 5th day at 10:00, 6th day at 12:00 etc. But! We know for 100% that boss cant respawn before this 5th day after killed. Also we know that if it didnt spawn at 5th day, chances for resp at 6th day increases. Finally, we know that if it wasnt killed after 7th day, probably boss is lost, nobody met this boss. This is only example, different bosses having different those times of spawn and it can be calculated by analysing history of their appears.

When the boss spawn, he stay there until server save/killed or dissapear after X hours?
Bosses could dissapear after few hours if not killed.

Why there are two Tyrns and Hirintrors?
Those monsters have both two spots of respawn. Tyrn can appear on Liberty Bay and Drefia. Hirintror on Formorgar Mines and Nibelor.

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