Health: 15000
Experience: 9000
Estimated Maximum Damage: 1900


Weak against:
Strong against:
Immune to:
(many) (many)
Turns player into a snowman
Self healing (fast, up to 7500 when on red hp)


Interesting and useful facts

1. At the beginning, Zushuka is invincible and her clothing is of a lighter color. To make boss vounerable, the ice pillars on the west and east side of the heart of the temple must be destroyed. To destroy the ice pillars, take a pickaxe from the altar (center) and quickly run to the west or east side to use the pickaxe on the pillar. You must do this 3 times on each pillar, you will know how the progress is by how many "ice cubes" are in the structure. Note that the pickaxe will vanish very quickly, and the decaying starts immediately when it spawns.
2. It is recommended to use energy bombs during destruction of cubes, because of massive amount of Frost Spiders and Frost Servants that can slow player down.
3. There is room with no monsters where player can go AFK. North - East from Zushuka's resp place is spot where it is possible to use "exani hur down".
4. Unfortunately, Ice Witch Temple is very often visited by bots. Good idea is to check whole room and see if Zushuka is not lured out by one of them.
5. If you are quick, you can use one pickaxe multiple times on ice obelisks before it dissapears

Spawning times

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