Health: 8200
Experience: 6400
Estimated Maximum Damage: ?


Strong against:
Immune to:
Keeps distance
Self healing (fast)


Additional info:

Added to the game with the 9.4 update.

This Kollos' boss roams the underground of the Hive. It respawns randomly, even up to few times a day, which makes him pretty easy to find.

It keeps distance from players which distinguishes it from typical Kollos. Due to his damage values and the lack of summons it makes it much easier enemy than Hive Overseer. It also has a beam-like attack which is harmless, as it's range is just 2 sqm. .

Just like other Hive bosses, it drops shimmering Dung Balls, which due to their value are quite tempting loot.

Interesting and useful facts:

1. Before class-bound summons were added to the game, this boss was a real nightmare for Elite Knights trying to kill it solo. Due to the ability to keep distance from players, frequent healing and strong resistance to physical damage it required tremendous amounts of patience and supplies to kill the boss, which usually turned out to be totally unprofitable.



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