Health: 170000
Experience: 0
Estimated Maximum Damage: 1500


Weak against:

Immune to:

Changing its shape


Interesting and useful facts

1. Feroxa was added in the 10.80 update, it is located on the island inhabited by werecreatures - Grimvale.
2. You can try to kill it on the 13th day of each month. The time of this event is random. It spawns 30 minutes after the message "Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.”
3. To access past the teleport the player must complete a few missions from the Grimvale Quest. They allow you to fight Feroxa only once and must be redone next month. Also it is important to note that after leaving the area behind the teleport, you cannot return to face the boss, you cannot log out in that area, and also that in case of your death you wont be able to return.
4. The method of fighting this boss is not complicated. It posses 3 forms. The first one (human), which attacks you from distance. After loosing a bit of health it transforms into its second form (werewolf). This form is completely immune to any sort of damage. The only way to defeat it, is to lure it over special silver traps which you can prepare beforehand, during the Grimvale Quest. Each trap deal 1000 HP of damage to Feroxa. To make it mortal you must make it so the boss walks over 20 traps. While being in this form the boss can spawn up to 4 Werewolfs and change the players appearance to look like one. After this form is defeated it will change its shape for the last time (Gloom Wolf). Its the easiest part of killing Feroxa because it does not require any strategy, just attack it. For killing all three forms you will get two sets of loot, however the Werewolf Helmet and Wolf Backpack are only obtainable from the second incarnation.

Spawning times

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