Apprentice Sheng

I will protect the secret of my master!
You already know too much.
This isle will become ours alone.




You can find this boss in Minotaur Hell (Rookgaard).




Health: 95
Experience: 150
Estimated maximum damage: 100


Immune to: energy
Summons: Hyaena (x2)
Spawns with: Minotaur (x4)
Self healing (weak)


Interesting and useful facts:

  • Markwin sent Apprentice Sheng to the island of Rookgaard to guard the secret of the Minotaur base on the island and protect his treasures. From time to time Sheng returns to Markwin to deliver the reports and when he returns to Rookgaard he spreads terror for curious and weaker adventurers.
  • He is apprentice of Minotaur Mage and the most powerful monster on the Rookgaard.
  • The knife you'll find among the lootable items from this boss is very rare, making it a valuable item and an object of desire for many rookstayers!

Fun facts:

  • In the Fansite Item contest hosted by players made sprites related to this boss: by Amy Meow (Talera), and by Brighid Grand Explorateur (Gentebra).
  • Like other bosses on the Rookgaard, the name of this boss can also be an anagram. After transforming Apprentice Sheng's name, we can read "Secret Happening".

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