BOSS IN THE EGG – contest!

TibiaBosses' sixth birthday and Easter holidays are behind us! So it's time to celebrate these events with one big contest!


Sounds... strange? We present to you a creative contest!

Your task is to create a boss of your choice using any technique... in an egg. Still sounds rather vague?

Dear participants, it is up to you to interpret this slogan and what you do with it!

It can be either a beautiful drawing of Demodras hatching or... a Shlorg emerging out of the egg paste you were going to have for breakfast with your family. Remember that the main purpose of this competition is to stimulate your imagination and encourage you, dear boss-hunters, to do something crazy. In that case, is drawing a good choice? Or do you have an idea for something more original? It's up to you to decide which strategy you take! Go for it!



First Place

Crunors Heart

Golden Trophy of Excennelnce

An Egg

Second Place

Tome of choice

Silver Trophy of Excennelnce

An Egg

Third Place

Bear doll

Bronze Trophy of Excennelnce

An Egg

Competition rules and guidelines:

  • The contest "Boss in the Egg" starts on 22.04.2022 and ends on 15.05.2022 with the server save (10.00 CEST). You have 3 weeks to create your work,
  • The technique of making your work is free, the important thing is that the result of your creation is something tangible, hand-made (computer graphics is out! computer graphics printing - also out! 3D printing - unfortunately will not be accepted either),
  • Necessary elements of your work must be: a boss, an egg (any you can think of), a card with the inscription "Happy 6th Anniversary! (necessarily on the photo of the final work),
  • Be sure to add the nickname of the character you want to send the prizes to and the server in the post,
  • You must add at least 3 photos of the creation process and one of the final result,
  • We allow both daily bosses and those with irregular respawn, mounts with irregular respawn and Yeti,
  • One player can post any number of entries, but can only win one of the prizes. However, remember that multi-accounting is prohibited and will be treated as cheating, resulting in disqualification!
  • crew is excluded from the competition.

Process of choosing the winners:

Team will judge each entry by giving 1-5 points for creativity and 1-3 points for final effect (appearance) respectively. The more points, the better. In this way, the top will be chosen (the number of final works will depend on the number of entries).

This is where our voting participation ends.

The best works will be presented on the fansite board, where the winners will be chosen by our colleagues representing other fansites and CipSoft members.